Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Well i have been extremely busy with school recently and i've just been in a crappy stressed mood for a few weeks and thats not gonna end till the summer.

We went out on Sat to a uni bar and then to a local bar...I picked up this fair skinned brown girl who i gotta say was really really sexy...she is 18 and wasnt drinking when i met her. We danced a little bit and i got her number..i called her yesterday and she told me she'd call me back but then i missed her call back so i called at night and left a msg sayin id call her today. I wont be able to call her till late and if i get the machine it'll be one of thoes "call me back...." things that i hate doing.

Ohh i also ran into the blonde bombshell 2 weeks ago...i got her number again and i asked her why she never called me back to which she replied "i dont call anyone back" can u say "retard"? I remember saying "ohh so ur a bitch" and she laughed..but i was being serious. She told me to call her again so i did a couple times and never caught her..i dont care bout her..this brown girl is more interesting!

Right now i want to hook up with this brown girl...she was smart and sexy so i like that! She called me back which is a good thing but who knows...i'll update when i know more.

Also i think im takin a break from the clubs...gotta focus on school and girls?

Friday, February 18, 2005

OK a lot has happened in the past 18 days...too much to write it all but here are the most important parts:

1) The girl I met last time I was out...well she can't handle any culture and so it was over before it started

2) 2 weeks ago we had a buddy come down from T.O and in two nights we finished an 2 40's of Rye.

On friday night we hit a uni bar and nothin really exciting happened...i threw up about 5 times that night but still danced the night away

On sat there were about 11 of us that reached a bar ... and its a good story but too much to write now..maybe later.

3) Hit the same uni bar last night, not the smartest thing to do when ur in the middle of midterms but whatever. I ran into Michelle (the X-kinda) .. it was her b-day and I had sent her an msn msg and she hadnt replied so when she came over to talk 2 me i said happy bday and told her that if she wasnt gonna talk 2 me on msn then she should just block and delete me to save us both time. She seemed a little taken back that i was being so forward but she should know me by now...she said she was sorry and that she didnt know how i was feelin towards her and i told her "its been to months...i think we've both moved on". Then a couple girls pulled me a way from her so we left it at that.

Later on in the night she comes back over and starts talkin 2 me again and this time it lasted for maybe 30mins..she started tellin me how she had been seein someone but told him to fuck off cause he didnt like her friends. I told her that she didnt have to tell me any of this and whats in the past is in the past.....then she started to get a bit emotional and i told her that i didnt want to ruin her b-day so she should just go and we would talk later but she refused to leave and she started to say "i've changed a lot" to which my reply was "its only been 2 months...how could u change?" and then that went on for a while...as this is going on some off her friends are comin over and i can tell that they are seeing if she wants an out but she keeps tellin them no so we keep talking. Then she starts talkin about how it was just bad timing and how she didnt know what she wanted and told her i knew all this and i had accepted it and i didnt want to talk about the past and then she comes out with "but you wanted to become offical and i didnt want to go that fast" and i said "no i didnt want that i just wanted to know i wasnt getting played" and then we talked about that for a while and while i was talkin to her I could tell what was going on...she wanted to get back together...even thought she's told me that she has been seein other ppl and made out with ppl at the bar and all this shit...so i finally say "Ok i've kept you from ur friends long enough...u find them and i'll find mine" so i put my hand out to shake and she goes "no i dont want to shake ur hand" and she goes for a hug so i hugged her and she kissed me on the cheek...BUT THEN as i turn to say bye she trys to plant one on my lips!! and she pretty much did but it didnt last long and I turned away and said "no...i cant do this...i still have thoes feelings for you somewhere and i dont want to find them again" so she looked kinda sad so i just said "take care" and left....

I knew something was up in the middle of the night when her one fried came over and started to talk to me....it was like how it used to be when we were dating...after it all went bad that one friend wouldnt talk to me at all but last night she was...i knew something was going on and then when she tried to kiss me i knew exactly what was happening.

Truth be told i dont know what i want anymore...i told michelle that...somewhere in the 30min convo we had i told her "i have no regrets from meeting you and dating you and i loved every min of it but the one thing that has happened is that now i dont have a clue what i want anymore"

I dont have a clue whats going to happen now...i think she going back home for reading week so again its outta sight outta mind for her so i think things will be back to normal again when i see her next.

Anyway this has been me ramblin on about god knows what...i really need to write this stuff when im sober or not hung.

Monday, January 31, 2005

Saturday's Bar Story:

9:30pm : I get back to my place after being out of town and take my first drink
9:31 : I take my second drink
9:32 : I take my third drink
9:35 : I finish my forth drink
9:40 : People are over and the drinking continues
9:45 : I call Sand to tell him we are leaving at 10pm but he doesnt answer his phone
9:50 : Still drinking
10:00 : I call Sand to tell him we have left without him the dumb fuck! he doesnt answer the phone
10:10 : We are at the bar and there is a line
10:15 : Sand calls me to tell me he is on his way
10:20: We are at the front of the line but the guest list line is huge...things are not lookin good
10:30: Sand shows up and buds infront of us
10:32: I realize that i need to piss badly...
10:33: I realize that if i leave line to take a piss by a car I wont get back into line
10:35: Sand convinces me to piss my pants...i agree (i had been drinkin u know!)
10:36: After trying and trying my brain just would not let me do it..i leave line and take a piss by a car..then come back and bud infront again..nobody gave a shit...and to think i was gonna soil myself!
10:45 We are in!
10:50 Free shots at the bar!

Right after that shot I lost all track of time but I do remember some key events..

1) I saw a girl from my Uni that had been in the lib and I had seen her at this bar before but when I was with Michelle and I couldn't do anything then...so i went up to her and said:
"Dont you go to uni with me?"
"yeah i think so"
"U were in the lib on friday right?"
"And u have a tat on ur back?"
(she turns around and shows me)
"how did u know? why were u lookin at my ass?"
"cause ur hot!" (ohh yeah im smooth.......)
"haha thanks!"
"whats ur name?"
"I'm Adam"
"nice 2 meet you...next time you see me at uni you should come talk to me!"
"no doubt but if i do im gonna ask for your number...can you handle that?"
"I can handle it!"

Then I left somehow I dont really remember....

2) Like i said last time I was only goin after girls that gave me that spark and she was really the only one so after that I went into wingman mode and this is prolly the best one from the night.

Im at the bar with Sand waiting for him to get another drink when I start talking to some chick named Tina and I dont know how I started it but she was pretty sexy and I was just being nice cause she didnt light that spark in me (however i did end up grinding her later on) but while I was talking to her, her two other friends showed up and one of them leanne caught Sand's attention while he was waiting for his drink. So i'm talkin to 3 pretty sexy girls and i'm gonna hook Sand up with Leanne cause i know what he likes but before I can do anything I start getting kicked in the leg! 4 fuckin times!!! And it fuckin hurt! I turn down to see what fuckin idiot is kickin me and I see that it's Sand!!
Now i'm totally fucked to the point where I can barely stand on my own and I need to keep sharp cause im talkin to three girls and I have Sand kickin me! It took all my strength not to turn around and tell him to fuckin stop!
So then the girls leave and the Sand says "U fucking idiot I wanted an introduction" to which my reply was "well if u had stopped fuckin kickin me and let me work my magic u woulda had one!!"
Then later on we saw them again and I started it up once more and went to Leanne and said "my buddy thinks you're pretty sexy you wanna talk to him?" she said "sure" so when i go to introduce her Sand is talkin to some unattractive brown girl and he just blew his chance...her exact words were "I'll talk to him later...." then later when Sand saw her she said "I have a b/f"...not my fault I did my part!

3) Right as we were about to leave at around 2am some chick is talkin to my buddy Danny and askin him if he knew her brother and then asked me If i knew her brother which I did:
"Your brother is an asshole"
"he is not! he is just arrogant"
"So that would mean he is an asshole"
"Ur pretty cocky u know"
"Thats because I could kick the shit out of ur brother"

it went on like that for maybe 5-10mins ending up with the girl calling her brother on her cell phone and saying:
"Do u know someone named adam or Danny?"

Then one of her blonde friends came up to me and just to have some more fun I told her:
"Tell ur crazy friend that we dont know who her fuckin brother is...but he is an asshole!"

It was a fun night! I macked, i tried to get my boys some skirts and I almost got into a fight (gay story)

Score: 6.5/10

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I called the chick on the sunday and left a message saying
"Hey, just callin to see when u wanted to link up so give me a shout when u get this @ blah blah"

I never got a call back...like i said I didnt think id get the date and i really dont care..2 busy with school right now catchin up on a shit load of work! I have a midterm tomorrow and its 2:02am and im going 2 bed..fuck it!

Nothing interesting has happened..i realized that my "game" is tops at the clubs & bars but around university I cant do shit...really depressing cause im a confident person and I dont know why i cant make a solid move at uni..im gonna have to fix this...

Studyin on fri like a proper nerd and then hittin the bar on sat...i need a girl...im gonna stop goin after random hot girls...im only goin after the ones that light that spark in me...its just not worth it otherwise cause i dont care...24yr old is case and point.

Well this was a shitty entry.....can u tell im in a bad mood and tired as fuck? i'm swearing 2 much...i cant fix that.

Friday, January 21, 2005

This is gonna be short and bitter...

  1. I called the blonde bombshell...
    a) last sunday..she didnt pick up
    b) on the monday and she was on her way to work so i told her id call back on tues.
    c) on tuesday at 1:30pm and woke her up....but we talked for bout 20mins and made some small talk and then I asked her if she wanted to link up and she said she did but she was busy with work and wouldnt know her sched until friday (today) so i told her id call back on the weekend.

    I still dont think im getting a date....just a feelin I have....i couldnt care less....she is a knockout but somethin bout her rubs me the wrong way...
  2. I've been sick as a dog for the past couple days..so sick i havnt been able to walk! I missed out on a lot of cool shit this week...i also missed 4 days of class.
  3. I'm gonna be out of comission till monday maybe even more....fucked up my whole week...it was gonna be a dirty week...now its just shitty

Like i said short and bitter!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Went out to the bar on friday and it wasn't the most interesting of nights...nothing really happened which kinda sucked. The only thing that made the night for me was running into a girl that I had met on NYE.

I went up to this blonde bombshell and opened conversation with "where do i know u from?" and she turned and started to say something when I jumped in and told her I met her on NYE and after a little jog of her memory she was like "ohhh yeeeaaahhhh!". So we started to talk for maybe 2 mins when I asked for her number. I dont remember if the girl was drunk but I do remember the conversation:

"so am i gonna get your number?"
"ummm....i dunno"
"im gonna need you to make a decision...its either yes I wanna see you again or no I dont...either way I respect honesty more than anything and i dont play games"
"ok here is my number!"

Now here is the problem....she told me she is 24 and already finished uni....im 21....I'll give her a call today but I really dont think im getting a date. As soon as she asks me how old I am its all gonna go down the shitter.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Officially Single.

Got a call last night from Michelle...she told me the same thing she had at the club and that was: "it's just the wrong time for it to happen". It was a relief and I felt re-energized, I think she could kinda tell because I told her that I had no regrets and I'm glad we finally got it sorted because I didn't want it over my head with school and all.

The truth is, even if she had told me that she still wanted to take it step by step I would have had to tell her that now I wasn't sure what I wanted because all the second guessing was killing my confidence. People describe me as cocky because I have such high self-confidence and I was loosing it! That can never happen again...i wasnt myself for long periods of time.

What really made me feel bad was not caring, after all that drama and everything I felt and went through, when she uttered thoes words I just didnt care! I felt bad for her because I guarantee you that she is still thinking about her decision where as I am glad to be back on the market....being with her was so frustrating because I really never knew where I stood and being with her has made me realize that I no longer know what I want! How unbelievable is that? 2 weeks ago i couldnt understand why she was having such a hard time deciding what she wanted and now I find myself in the exact same situation. The next time I meet a girl what do I want from her? I really dont know...

What happens now? Well i'm back to my usual self again...started going to the gym after a short break and school is comin hard and fast. Confidence has reach normal levels again, although i must admit durin the first 2 weeks that i met Michelle my confidence was different, maybe i'm 75% confident and 25% brovado but when I was with her it was almost 100% confident, it felt good.

I'll be hittin the bars again shortly...friday and sat most likely after I catch up with all this school work!

It's time to dust myself off and get back in the game! I can't wait!!

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